Sales Associate

Job Title: Sales Associate
Reports to: Sales Manager / President

Revision Date: March 1, 2014


About the Opportunity
Build your career here and experience the opportunities that come with working for a company that will give you the chance to learn and to lead. ABC Sign and Display / Great Shirts Now is a family in which all employees are truly valued and treated with respect. The organizational culture inspires creativity in every employee. You’ll be able to work on projects from prospecting to creative development and implementation. Furthermore, we will give you opportunities to build a business network to drive sales.

Join ABC Sign and Display / Great Shirts Now as a leader in our industry by building business as the Account Executive. You will develop new business opportunities; sell products and services; maintain relationships with clients; identify new or improved products; prepare marketing plans and sales reports; stay on the leading edge of professional and technical knowledge; and contribute to the team effort.


  • Ability to develop rapport with client management and maintain strong working relationships. Successfully manages customer expectations.
  • Consistently identifies new sources of business.
  • Makes articulate, effective presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Skilled negotiator. Negotiates or mediates discussions competently, making concessions while accomplishing goals and protecting interests.
  • Pursues work with insatiable energy and drive.
  • Develops sales strategies, techniques and tactics based on customer feedback and market environment.
  • Demonstrates a high level of creativity. Generates new and original ideas.
  • Highly productive with minimal guidance or supervision.
  • Can visualizing what a project would look like before it is completed.
  • Good math skills, including detailed measurements to ensure proper sizing.
  • Sets high expectations. Drives performance towards outstanding results.
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty and not afraid of heights.
  • The ideal candidate for this job will have a 4-year college degree or equivalent experience in a related field.
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation required

We offer flexible benefits and compensation packages that allow our employees to make choices that fit their individual lifestyles. Benefits include a retirement plan, medical insurance, disability insurance, paid sick time, paid vacations and a great team environment.

About the Company
ABC Sign and Display is an innovative graphics company.  Great Shirts Now is our technology driven apparel company.  We offer a one stop branding solution.  We cover inside, outside graphics, video messaging boards, tradeshow hardware e-commerce web sites for ordering, vehicle wraps, building channel letters and logos, embroidery and a whole lot more.  Our customers include Fortune 100 to the 1 person shop.  If an organization needs branding, printing, graphics or wants someone to know they are in business, we can help.  We are a full-service printing company dedicated to providing exceptional service and outstanding quality to our growing customer base.  See for yourself at ABC Sign and Display / Great Shirts Now.

Work Environment:

Our company environment is family oriented with a Christian focus.
We like to have fun and deliver quality products to our customers.
We offer vacation, sick leave, health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and vision benefits.
We listen to our employees and look forward to everyone’s ideas on how to do the job in a more efficient and effective manner.


ABC Sign and Display is in the business of corporate signage manufacturing, using multiple methods to create the corporate identity requested by our customers. Our company prints signs, so there is an ink smell in the facility.