Promotion Opportunities for October

Scary Good Promotion Opportunities for October

If you have waited for the perfect time to promote your brand, then October is what you have been waiting for. Think about it, vacations are now over, the kids are back school, and it falls right before the rush of the holiday season. Your target audience has a little more attention to spare in October, so take advantage with one of these promotion opportunities.

National Book Month

National Book Month is designed to encourage reading across the country. While the term “book” now covers more than the bound printed pages, there are still plenty of ways to promote this cause and your brand. For those who still like the feel of a book in their hand, imprinted bookmarks, magnifiers or book lights will quickly find their way into a favorite reading spot. For those that prefer e-readers, cases, stands and screen cleaning cloths make it easy to enjoy a book on their favorite device.


Candy and dressing up in your company mascot costume may be what first comes to mind when promoting your brand during Halloween, but other ways do exist. For example, full color plastic bags make great trick-or-treat bags with a large canvas to showcase your brand. Safety items like flashlights and reflectors get the attention of parents who appreciate your concern for their children’s safety.

Here are a few more Halloween promotion ideas that don’t involve candy.

National Dental Hygiene Month

Well-played dentists. Educate about good dental hygiene before the kids partake in the teeth-rotting sugar binge of Halloween. You can get the word out with a practical promotional product like a toothbrush or anti-bacterial toothbrush holder. Or, since dentists recommend brushing for two minutes at a time, hand out a timer with your logo as an easy way for kids, and adults, to brush for the right amount of time.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Few brands or causes own a color the way breast cancer awareness owns pink. Because of this, just about any promotional item that is pink or has a pink imprint will fit any breast cancer awareness promotion or campaign. To help focus attention on the cause itself, find items with customization options that allow the canvas to educate women about prevention.

Self-Promotion Month

Unless you are selling promotional products, promoting self-promotion month may not resonate with your target marketing. However, it’s serves as a time to re-evaluate your marketing and self-promotion strategy. Promotional products are great self-promotion tools, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch the video below for some of the benefits of using promotional products for self-promotion.