Turn Signage into a Visual Sales Aid

Turn Signage into a Visual Sales Aid

We walk past signs every day, but do we see their potential to drive sales?

Think about it. When people see a stop sign, they stop (sorta). When they see a caution wet floor sign they avoid the wet floor. People are used to taking direction from signs. Why not use signs to lead customers towards a more profitable sale?

Today’s empowered consumer doesn’t like to be sold to. Overtly upselling or cross-selling can quickly turn off a customer. Signs and displays are passive and do not interrupt like text messaging, email and commercials. Signs are a natural part of your environment and are somewhat expected.

A well-placed sign can generate sales at times when you or your employees are conducting business and can’t be in front of everyone. Think about those times when you have a captive audience like your waiting room or check-out line. It’s a perfect opportunity to upsell or cross-sell or just sell period.

The sign becomes your salesperson without the commission to pay or the overhead. They don’t leave the same “I’m being sold to” feeling with your customers.

When creating signage to sell, remember that people are looking for direction, so lead them to the next step. A strong call to action is a must in order to capitalize on these opportunities. If you are targeting patients in a waiting room, add the line “ask your doctor.” If you are targeting those waiting in line to checkout, tell people to ask an associate.

Not everyone who sees your sign will be talking to you or your associates immediately afterward. If you find yourself in that situation, try a mobile call to action. QR codes can deliver additional information or have people sign-up via email or text message for updates (read: additional sales opportunities).

Sold yet on signage? Talk to your Newton Representative about the opportunities with signage inside or outside your place of business.