Illuminated Signs

Your Store Front Can Shine Again With Illuminated Signs

With today’s fast growing technology, the sign industry has found more and more ways to deliver effective signage to businesses and organizations. Although Illuminated signs have been around for a few decades, they have evolved into a way more economically efficient and attractive form of advertising. Illuminated Signs are a great choice if you are looking to make a good investment on signage for these reasons:

  1. They are not your standard print signs. You don’t have to worry about the graphics and fonts looking pixilated or blurry, because these are high-quality, state of the art hardware signs.
  2. They save you money. All of our illuminated signs come with LED lighting, which can save 80% of power compared to other lighting sources. That’s a nice break on your power bill, especially if you are using a non-efficient illuminated sign already.
  3. People can see them at night. It doesn’t matter if the sun goes down, because your sign is still lit up like a Christmas tree! This is beneficial because it expands your audience reach.
  4. You can get creative. Our illuminated signs come with interchangeable options, allowing you to change the colors of the lights you use.
  5. They come with a long life span. You won’t need to replace your sign for at least 10 years!