Lawn Signs

A Durable, Cost-Effective Solution

Lawn signs, sometimes referred to as yard or bandit signs are a durable cost-effective solution to outdoor signage. By utilizing a combination of high quality inks and material, and cutting-edge technology to print and then laminate the signs, we’re able to offer lawn signs with intricate designs and patterns that will, under poor conditions, last over a year.

Our process of using state of the art wide format digital printers enables us to print any design and color combination you can imagine onto sizes ranging from a measly 2” square to a massive 4’x8′. For added protection from the harsh rays of the sun, we offer a process by which a liquid lamination film is rolled on to the sign and is then cured using UV light.

Our lawn signs are produced using coroplast, or corrugated plastic, a lightweight yet durable, versatile material. Sometimes referred to as plastic cardboard due to its weight and its appearance, coroplast is completely waterproof and can withstand both hot and cold temperature extremes.

Due to it light weight and durability, coroplast is one of the most popular sign materials and it’s low cost makes it an excellence choice for any type of yard sign.