LCD Displays

LCD Displays Are The Most Cutting Edge Advertising Tools

When it comes to marketing your business beyond your store sign, LCD Displays are the best choice. Commercial products are made to withstand the business atmosphere; they are made to be used constantly where residential products are made with less wear and tear in mind. Commercial LCD Displays are made to be ran all of the time, with extended continuous usage and have a much longer life too. LCD displays exhibit the highest resolutions giving the cleanest crisp picture. With a longer warranty than most why would you advertise with anything but a LCD display?

Most LCD displays are built with media in mind and come with built in media players. They house USB ports where pictures can be uploaded to a thumb drive, and then displayed on the display. A built in TV tuner so that any video device can be used, and built in SD card ports for uploading straight from a Digital Camera. LCD displays have very simple maintenance requiring you only to keep it clean and dust free and your product will last for years. Most residential displays have only normal video components, as they are not built with business in mind.

LCD displays are used in restaurants to display the day’s menu and manager specials, in an electronics store to present videos for their products, etc. A doctor may find use in a LCD display to show his customers days that he offers lower rates, or upcoming promotions. The benefit of LCD displays far outweighs static forms of promotions such as poster boards by being able to display moving video and use audio to increase your chance of sales. The display can be instantly changed to present admission prices to the game, menu specials for the day, and other last minute promotions. LCD displays save money by being able to change your advertising yourself, and it requires no reprinting.

In this new age world, digital simply converts better. The moving screen, bright colors, and auditory stimulus attract customers like flies to a light and helps them to make their final buying decision. A LCD display is a higher quality display over the chunky projection and plasma screens, and higher quality means higher class. The digital life presents a better face and a better deal.