Tradeshow Banners

How to Stand Out at a Trade Show Event

Our team has participated in several trade shows over the years, and something that always catches the eye are the companies that have these beautiful, glorious trade show banners. The truth is, not very many companies invest in this effective form of advertising, so the potential is great if you are trying to stand out among all of the brands that are trying to sell the same thing you are.

Because of the large size of your trade show banners, the design should be a direct reflection of your brand and product, because typically this is the first thing a potential customer is going to see at first glance. Think of it this way: If selling your product solely depended on your trade show display, what would it look like? When you ask yourself that question, the reality of the potential power this special sign has is pretty big. Get someone to help you with the design, especially if you are not savvy in that particular creative department.

When you are given the details of the actual space that will be provided at a Trade Show, do some planning. Scope out the area in which you will be set up, and let the geographical features of this area help you decide where the best place is to put your trade show banner. You want to make sure it is set up in a way that will reach the most amounts of people. Keep in mind how large and elaborate your station is will also play a role in where your trade show banner will be located.

Let your trade show banner be a monument- an awesome visual that shows people how excellent you are and how trustworthy your product is. Can you participate in a trade show without one? Sure. Will you reach as many people as those who do have one set up? Definitely not.