Why buy an awning or canopy?

So you think you might want an awning or canopy and you’re not sure where to start? Well, here we offer you some things to think about.

Primary Purpose

Typically circumstances initiate the thoughts about an awning. Is it shadAwning_1e from the sun? How about protection from harsh weather conditions for you, for visitors, or for part of your structure? Or are you considering an awning to add a pleasing visual element to your home or place of business? You may, as a business, want to attract customers or direct them to an appropriate entryway by adding an awning—one that distinguishes you from the rest with its colors, shape, and/or size. It’s not uncommon for an awning to become part of a business’ identity. These are all good reasons, and there is almost always crossover for each benefit.

Awning_Ginos_2A Good Place to Start

We admit that an awning or canopy is not always the best solution. Arriving at that determination is a process that requires answers to a progression of questions. Here are just a few of the considerations we help with:

  • Sun direction—Its rise and set relative to all sides of a building and to the time of the year (the sun location in summer is not the same as it is in winter)
  • Building structure—Some decisions are already made by the building and it is best to consider those first. From structural integrity for mounting, to architectural style, there are numerous factors to consider. We’ve learned over the years, ‘Don’t battle the building!’
  • View from inside—We have found that most people don’t initially think about how their view through a window may be impacted. This needs to be considered while in the room, standing and sitting in different parts of the room. This exercise helps us to determine an awning’s optimum height and projection.
  • Wind—From what directions will wind most likely come? Remember, wind blows rain and snow.
  • Colors—Many times a color that is initially selected in our office is changed once it is viewed on site.