Monument Signs

Monument Signs. They Just Work.

Storefront Business Signage is probably the most important part of your business’s advertising strategy. Not sure if that’s true? Well think of it this way. You have the most amazing store ever, with top quality products, pricing that no competitor can beat and an incredible Social Media Marketer… but no storefront sign. All of those things are worth nothing if no one knows where you are.

Not only is the physical presence of your storefront sign important, but the kind of sign you choose will determine a portion of your business’s advertising success. Here are 5 reasons why monument signs are so successful:

  1. They are HUGE. One of the definitions for the word monument is “an exceptional example.” That is true for monument signs in every sense of the definition. Exceptionally large in nature, these special signs will get a fantastic amount of attention simply because of their size.
  2. They look professional… because that’s what you are going for, right?
  3. They look established. Monument signs communicate to your customers that you are here and plan on staying for a while. They are a permanent structure, so it also shows that you are confident your business will stand the tests of time.
  4. They become a landmark. Often when people are trying to describe to someone the location of where to go, they say things like “it’s the store in the same complex as that huge Publix sign” or “the shop right behind the fixed Target sign on the ground.” Your monument sign literally becomes a monument- no one forgets about it.
  5. They are Weather Resistant. A life span of at least 10 years, these beasts can take quite a beating. Rain and snow don’t stand a chance, and they can usually withstand hurricane force winds.

When you decide to go with a monument sign four your business storefront signage, you are communicating volumes to the world around you that you care about your business and the product it has to offer. Don’t settle for anything less! Let ABC Sign and Display provide for you the best, most cost efficient signage today.

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