Digital Signage

Digital Signs leave you practically limitless with options

Digital Signs are definitely the future of modern advertising. Engage your customers and clients on a new level with interactive signage! Digital signs offer you an unending amount of options as far as color and animation goes, and you can go beyond still images by using videos to communicate your brand! Provide detailed and fun information for your customers as they wait, and set the mood with high quality images and sounds.

Not only are these great for advertising, but digital signs also gives your business that extra touch to the atmosphere. If you’re business offers a niche specific, Use these specialty signs as part of your décor to sell your product!

Utilize digital signs at trade show events to interact with potential clients that walk by your booth. Provide them with details and statistics of your industry while they wait to speak with you.


  • Most commonly used option
  • Own the sign for $1 after term payments completed
  • Similar to One Dollar Buyout
  • Solution for city, state, and county entities
  • Language accommodates annual budget appropriations 
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Possible tax benefits
  • Early buyout option
  • Several end-of-term options

Digital Display Return on Investment Worksheet

Let's assume that your digital display increases your business by just 15%.

(Installing an electronic changeable board increases revenue a minimum of 15 percent up to 150 percent)

  1. What does a typical business day yield?       __________dollars
  2. Multiply question 1 total by 15%:       __________dollar increase per day
  3. Multiply question 2 total by 5:       __________dollar increase per week
  4. Multiply question 3 total by 52:       __________total annual increase